It’s time to put the FUN in cleaning. 

Mom & Dad, are you tired of being the only two cleaning up after you children or even around the house? Are you tired hearing “do I have to?” What about when your kids put up a fight? For parents, this is on-going, so let’s start putting the word FUN in front of cleaning. Here are the top 6 creative and fun innovative ways to bring your children together with FUN Spring cleaning!

#1: Clean-up, Clean-up Twist

Most up us grew up learning the famous Clean-Up song from Barney. It goes a little something like this: “clean-up, clean-up, everyone and everywhere. Clean-up, clean-up, everyone do your share.” This song has been played for years to help kids sing along while cleaning. The twist you can add is to have them find their favorite outfit to dress-up in and play the song loudly to help them sing, dance and clean! There’s nothing like a little bit of music to help stir the fun. Visit: for more examples of fun clean up songs!

#2: Copycat

We know our kids love to act and pretend-play. They event like to pretend they are an adult from time to time. Tell them to mimic exactly what you are doing. This way they are cleaning off an opposite side of a countertop or dusting off surfaces with you! It is fun for them to be exactly like mommy and daddy.

#3: Chores for Rewards

As parents we know children LOVE rewards. Every family has a different way of giving rewards to their kids. Try making a chore list and once all chores have been completed reward them with an ice-cream trip or going to see a movie of their choice (age appropriate of course!) If you have more than one child make it a competition. Whoever finishes their list first wins a special trip and the runner(s) up will receive a special prize. Visit: for examples of rewards.

#4: Scavenger Hunt

This one involves a little bit of work from us parents. Scan the house and figure out what needs the most work and create a clue for those chores. For example: in the living room, you notice the tv, couches, tables and shelves are extremely dusty or full of toys. The clue could read: “We’re in the living room and we are what everyone sees but cannot see us anymore.” Ask them what they think it means. We hope they figure out furniture is hidden because of toys or that the tv is covered in dust. Once they clean up give them the next clue. At the end you can give a reward for finishing each clue.

#5: Hide and Seek

Children love play the game of hide and seek. It is a classical favorite. Gather your child(ren) in a room you think is clean and show them a certificate for the movies or a trip to the zoo. Tell them to close their eyes and count to 30 or 45 while you go and hide these certificates. It helps to know ahead of time where to place them. To find these prizes, they must clean. Bury them under clothes that need to be in the laundry basket. You will need to monitor so they don’t just throw the clothes to another side of the room.

#6: Make it a Race

Open the blinds, turn up the music and give your child(ren) a chance to beat YOU at cleaning up the fastest. You want to convince them they are doing ten times better than you. Move in a walking pace while you watch them run around to clean up before you. This game is fun for indoor and outdoor cleaning. Once they beat you give them a BIG hug and celebrate their victory.

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